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Hello. This is my first time experience with blogging.

My fantastic daughter-in-law, Lissa Walker Matheny, a very talented copy writer, suggested that I get with it and start a blog that chronicles our experiences as we travel and work at making our maps.

My wife and I have made our first map which is of North Eastern Georgia and parts of North and South Carolina. It includes some of the quaint towns, places of interest, beautiful waterfalls, restaurants, shopping, golfing, hiking trails, lakes, rivers, campgrounds, state parks, whitewater rafting, canoeing, fishing and many other wonderful features of the area. As we travel the region, we have wonderful adventures visiting some of these places and always come across great local stories and interesting characters and want to share our journey with the world. We hope you’ll follow us on our adventures.

We’ll describe our experiences and the map more in detail as we go.

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